Sunday, March 22, 2015

Add your Link Party #1

Please Add your Link Party using the format Day - Time - Time Zone - Link Party Name

For example: Friday 7pm EST - Friday Favourties

You can also choose a subject instead of the day of the week including:

Please give me 3 - 4 days to add your link party to the corresponding day or subject.

Link Parties with very specific guidelines will be added to subjects and Link Parties with more general guidelines will be added to days.

You can check out the new link parties added this week - to see where you link party has been added to...

And you can join my Favourite Link Parties group board on Pinterest and add yours and your favourite link parties and giveaway directories. Just follow me on Pinterest and e-mail me at KristenStevens[at] for an invite with Link Party group board for the subject please. All pins on this board will be added to the Link Party! Directory.

Follow Kristen @ Musings of An Average Mom's board Favourite Link Parties on Pinterest.


  1. Here are a couple to add (the linky expired so I cannot do it myself. sorry)
    Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on Ducks 'n a Row - 12 blogs host it. Goes live Tues eve 7pm ET
    Growing Circles Hop for G+ on Ducks 'n a Row - 3 blogs host plus co-hosts. Goes live Thurs 9am ET
    Thanks for including us.
    BTW... I am the primary admin for WW blog hop. Kim Cee of 2JustByou is primary on Growing Circles

    1. Hi Sinea, I already have the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on Tuesdays: but changed the admin, and had the #growingcircleshop (one of my favourite parties by the way) under Google+ parties which I will be adding to my main blog on Monday but have also included it on Wednesday as well. And thanks so much for hosting (and stopping by)